Monday, June 27, 2011

The Snap Beans Aren't Salty

This past Friday my stepson graduated high school. His older sister got married a few months back, but his graduation makes me feel older somehow. Maybe it's because he was only 4 when I started dating the kind and beatiful She Who Must Be Obeyed™?

As we discussed him going off to college, I pointed out to him that college students frequently come home as complete strangers to their parents, having changed religion, sexual preferences, and the like. I told him that we'd love and welcome him no matter how he changed, but if he came back a liberal or a vegetarian I would have to kick his ass. I hope he took that message to heart.

I can't call Borepatch my blogfather without offering up the occasional musical post. The Boy™ will be attending school in New Orleans, where he'll be studying jazz performance. One style of Jazz that I particulary enjoy is Zydeco, which grew out of a combination of Creole, Cajun, and African musical traditions. Indeed, the genre got it's name from the French phrase "The Snap Beans Aren't Salty" ( Les haricots ne sont pas sal├ęs, pronounced "leh-zy-dee-co sohn...", a colloqual expressing meaning "times are hard".

Times were (and still are) hard in New Orleans, but this performance by Buckwheat Zydeco must have raised the mood back in 1997.

Congrats, Jonathan -- we're very proud of you, and look forward to the great things you'll accomplish.

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