Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Could someone please 'splain to me

Why the hell the Department of Agriculture thinks it can regulate school lunches? Via Drudge, we see that
The Senate threw its support behind the potato Tuesday, voting to block an Obama administration proposal to limit the vegetable on school lunch lines.(source)
Ok, statists think they should keep kids from eating too many potatoes at school, so they don't get so fat. A stupid idea, a further intrusion in matters that should be kept local, but far from the worst thing the administration has tried to pull. 

Reading deeper into the article, we see that:

Agriculture Department rules proposed earlier this year aimed to reduce the amount of french fries in schools, limiting lunchrooms to two servings a week of potatoes and other starchy vegetables.

Umm, WTF? How the hell is this the business of the USDA? Do they really think they have the power to regulate anything that was ever grown on a farm? That's almost as far-reaching a power as Congress's post-Wickard v. Filburn Commerce Clause usurpations.