Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fred Thompson Agrees with Me

Over at the Corner on NRO, Fred Thompson says elegantly what I said poorly: that we're screwed if our "representatives" don't stop putting short-term political interests ahead of the good of the country. Quoth Senator Thompson:
Suppose Republicans win next year because we are “not the other guys.” Then what? Winning is necessary but not sufficient to save our country from fiscal disaster. Two years later the Democrats will still be offering free stuff and the postponement of pain. We can’t win the several subsequent elections that will be necessary to put us on the right path unless we win the war of ideas and develop the ability to explain why restraint and reform are necessary and that fostering a nation of free people, free markets, and the rule of law is not only morally just and right but is the only way to sustainable growth and prosperity. Otherwise, we become participants in our own demise, for the sake of short-term political expedience.

H/t: Darlene at Popehat

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