Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm back, and have a question

Hey Folks,

Sorry for the long break -- the move and new job have taken a lot more effort than I had expected. I'll be back to my posting goodness soon.

I have a question, though. There's some serious rioting going on in London right now -- scary stuff. Similar (though smaller scale) riots are occurring in Milwaukee and  Philadelphia. All seem to have a racial component (though, granted, the press has been forgetting to mention it).

Anyhow, why would there be racial riots in such liberal areas? Aren't liberals the ones who are the real friends of minorities? After decades of "progressive" rule shouldn't everyone be holding hands and singing kumbya?

Also, 2 of those 3 cities have really repressive Progressive gun laws -- pretty much only the police are allowed to carry guns, don'tcha know. Why don't people riot in areas with less restrictive carry permits? I mean, you hardly ever hear of riots in Florida or Texas, right? Coincidence?


  1. Jeez Dan.. you hit the blog posts running don't ya?

    Good thoughts that will have to be emailed to my libtard friends.

  2. Well tomorrow is "All London, all the time" at my place.

    But the answer I suspect is the intersection of excessive tolerance with excessive disarming of the law abiding public.