Friday, August 12, 2011

I think malaria must have bullied Bill Gates in middle school or something

another use for the device?
Bill Gates has a serious hard-on for malaria. He wants it killed like I want Salma Hayek. The only difference is, he has a decent shot at success. It's nice to see someone using real-world business acumen in philanthropy.

Via Gizmodo, we learn that scientists have developed a technique that may lead to curing malaria by putting people in giant microwaves. Yeah, you heard me -- the same device that heats up 7-11 burritos may be used to prevent the deaths of millions of people each year. That's pretty cool.

Basically, the parasites that cause malaria have extra iron in them. The microwave would be used to heat up that iron and make the parasites explode. How it keeps the patient from exploding I have no idea, but it sounds awesome.

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  1. sounds painful to me.
    I can see the caveats for the side effects on the tv commercial already.
    "May cause sunburn, spontaneous combustion, bodily explosion and death."