Friday, September 2, 2011

Our intellectual masters have spoken

The Editors of the Wall Street Journal
If you had your 'druthers, who would you choose to be the Republican nominee for president? Rick Perry? Michelle Bachman? Or maybe you like Herman Cain? In any event, if you're reading this blog, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't pick Jon Huntsman, right? He's far from conservative, no friend of the tea party, and has "I'm an elitist douchebag" hair like John Kerry and Mitt Romney's love child.

However, via Jeff G. at Protein Wisdom, we see that the "Conservative Intellectual Elite" seem to have anointed  Huntsman the "New Candidate of the Conservative Intellectual Elite". The WSJ's editorial board likes him because his economic growth plan includes some sort of weak tax reform.That's pretty much it.  Business Insider points out that he's getting Obamacare-before-it-was-cool Romney worried, so you know they're both going to try to out-liberal each other.

Is that really what we need now? Do we need more namby-pamby, career-politician, hail-fellow-well-met compromise? Or do we need someone with balls to step up and do the heavy lifting on entitlement reform, so our country might actually survive the next 50 years or so?

As Jeff G. writes, "That’s what the GOP ruling class is. That’s all it is. And it’s time we told them, in no uncertain terms, that we aren’t interested."

Or, as I like to put it, eff the elite d-bags.

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